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Updates to the RB13 coming soon?

We not only keep track on what Daniel says. We keep track of what his car can become. After a P5 was all that Red Bull Racing could get at Aussie lands, Christian Horner and Helmut Marko expect some upgrades soon. Is it soon enough?

Let’s start with the words of the drivers. Both Max and Daniel are hoping to see more potential from the RB13, and they know it’s a work-in-progress. They’ve known it since testing. Still, they are pretty honest with how they feel (Max a bit more than Daniel) and they know that they are waaaay below they expected. Back on testing, Daniel said that they were not the quickest, but they could be, which prompted the question, is that engine or bodywork? Daniel couldn’t place it either

“I think we are kind of balanced […] we can be better in both. We just gotta understand it a bit better”. – Ricciardo

Now, the big guys in the team should know what is up, right? Christian knows they are a steady 3rd team at the moment, and he has assured the world that the issue is not the last-minute ban on a suspension RBR was working on, stating it was just on concept for evaluation and not a full done thing. He did stated that he believes the deficit to the top is shared equally between its chassis and engine, but believes in development.

“I think it’s still early days. The regulations are still very immature. We’ve chosen a different concept. I believe there’s really good development potential in the concept that we have. There’s a lot of positives to take out of Australia, at a track where we have not been competitive for the last couple of years. I’m sure that we can build on this over the coming races.” – Horner

Now, what does Christian refer to with “coming races”? How long we have to wait?

Chassis can be updated at every race (and is usually what it happens, a thing here and there to adjust to the racetrack), but engine depends entirely on when and what Renault delivers and how much can the team pull from it. Helmut Marko gave us an idea in a timeline and, to be honest, we don’t quite like it.

Renault will bring an upgrade for Spain (May), but Red Bull Racing will make the most out of it for Canada (June), this depending entirely in the fact the French manufacturer is reliable. When asked if he thinks it will be enough to battle the #1 and #2 teams at the moment, he shared some good words.

“We hope so, if we improve our chassis dramatically as well. Our engineers think so, and the simulations say so also.” – Marko

We suspect the issue resides in the engine. If is not as powerful as the Mercedes or Ferrari, the aerodynamics doesn’t work as it was expected, but we can’t go expecting that those 2 other teams don’t do any progress, so it needs to be a really special hard push to become title contenders mid-season. We also have to think clear and lower our expectations… maybe – just maybe – this is not the year.

Featured Image by: Clive Rose | Getty Images | Red Bull Content Pool


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