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Australian GP – Saturday


A devastating day for Daniel, Red Bull and us. Daniel hit the barrier in Q3 and with so, hopes for a win kind of banished.

We don’t like it when things don’t go our way, but we can’t imagine how Daniel most be feeling. The day was going ok. Christian Horner, prior of the start of the race, spoke with Sky Sports F1 and stated that both RB13s should be on third row and Q1 proved maybe we could get a bit over that, with Max on 3rd and Daniel on 5th.

Q2 followed up and then the reality seemed to kick in. Dan passed on 5th while Max dropped to 6th with just Q3 to go. Then, the weather seemed like our worst enemy, a cloud filled with rain getting closer and closer to Albert Park. Then, minutes after the green lights for Q3, a nightmare happen. Red flags. Daniel was in trouble.


“I’m alright… sorry guys”

Those were the words of a man who was sure that little mistake was going to be costly. All we know up until now is that Daniel might suffer from a grid penalty for we suspect a gearbox change will be needed.

Here is the provisional classification:


“I’m fine physically – emotionally I’m obviously a little disappointed. It happens. I have to try and have a bit of perspective: at least it didn’t happen in Q1. We made a big step in Q2, it was looking alright, but then the [first lap] in Q3 was a little messy and Turn 14 just caught me out, caught me by surprise. I went in, the rear broke away, and unfortunately there wasn’t a way of catching it or saving it.” – Ricciardo

“I was pushing, but not overdriving to the extent that I felt I influenced it more than I should have. It was a tough one. We are still trying to get on top of the cars – and we understand there is still a bit of learning to do. But no excuse – I didn’t have any problem: there was no puncture, nothing. We have more downforce on the car – they are more loaded – and when they go it is a bit harder to bring it back.” – Ricciardo

“I’m hoping for a lot tomorrow. There is a chance I might be worse than 10th tomorrow – the guys are checking the car – so if I do have to take a gearbox penalty, that puts me back five more places. Tenth or 15th, both aren’t ideal.” – Ricciardo

“I just lost the rear, but it was a little bit weird. I felt when I turned in the rear was a little bit light, it kind of snapped a bit later. I didn’t get the impression that it was going to go … and then it was like ‘oh yeah, it is going’. I tried to catch it but it was too late.”  – Ricciardo

“That was a tough one today, I don’t crash into the barriers often and the last place I want to do that is at home. But I feel I crashed for the right reason, as I was basically pushing and trying to find the limit and these things happen, so let’s say I’m not disappointed by the approach, it was just more of a frustrating outcome, starting tenth instead of being under the top five.”  – Ricciardo

“I feel for the mechanics, because they’ve had a long week and now they’ve got a long night ahead of them.”  – Ricciardo


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