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Australian GP | Friday

A good packed recap of what went down during Free Practice 1 and 2 at the Aussie GP around Red Bull Racing and Daniel Ricciardo.

For the first time this season, we got the first racing weekend action at Australia, with the Friday Free Practices 1 and 2. The day began ok, with some issues with the flooring of the car, mostly on Verstapen’s. When both cars strolled down Albert Park, the pace was there, with some minor mistakes most of the grid had to deal with, including Daniel.


Overall, FP1 was positive. The team found a good balance set up for the car and the drivers enjoyed it. Having only used supersofts, Daniel finished up on 3rd, behind both Mercedes and .4s in from of Max Verstappen, who himself was a full second behind the pace of Lewis Hamilton, current leader at that point.


A few hours passed and the green lights were on for FP2. It was a slow start for both Red Bulls, Daniel with a slow pace and Max staying on pits for the entire first half an hour. When both cars were out, they got times for 5th and 6th but then a small outing by Max put in danger their timed run. During the Sky Sports F1 broadcast, Christian Horner spoke about their issues, Daniel wasn’t happy with the balance of the car and the team was working on finding IT again, while Max car had damaged it’s floor and was out for the rest of the FP2.


Below you will find videos and quotes that round up the day of action. We are keeping our hopes on that they will find a better set-up for Quali and the Sunday race but even the team members are not that… positive.

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“I think we are where I expected us to be, so we’ll try to make the best of it.” – Verstappen

“Being realistic, on the performance we have seen today from Lewis, he’s the absolute favourite, he was the favourite coming here. And all today has done is underline that. But then it’s motor racing and anything can happen.” – Horner

“Obviously to have a home winner would be an unbelievable result but I think if you look at the pecking order at the moment, that is a long shot.” – Horner

“We looked pretty strong this morning and then we tried a few things this afternoon but I don’t think they worked in our favour. I’d like to learn a bit more from this afternoon’s session and then if we could pull all of that together with the strength of this morning I’ll be happy.” – Ricciardo

“If Lewis does the perfect lap then that’ll be a challenge to take the pole away from him but we’re not too far off. You certainly feel more traction with the new tyres.” – Ricciardo

“It felt awesome to be out on the track this morning, I just felt I was back in my happy place and it was cool to already see so many fans on a Friday. It’s also a circuit I enjoy because it’s a fun layout. I think we can have a very good weekend from here.” – Ricciardo



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