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It’s a home run for the Aussie.

With spare hours on hearing for the first time during a racing weekend the engines of the 2017 season, the lights are on the local man, Daniel Ricciardo.

And it shouldn’t be a surprise. Every driver with a home-race gets the extra interviews and promotional events than usual, being the first race of the season and being a fan favorite for the championship, it sure looks exciting for him, and the media know it, but more importantly, he knows it!


“It’s always good to be back on home soil and enjoy a bit of sunshine after winter testing. My home race is awesome in so many ways but it’s also super busy and full on, the week for me starts on Monday and doesn’t stop until Sunday night.”

Now that sure sounds like tiring, so in our opinion is way better than the Aussie GP comes first of the season, allowing a freshly recharged Daniel be on top of his game, but also all the local fans supporting on their hope for an Australian world champion since Alan Jones in 1980.

“This year they have named a grandstand after me, the Ricciardo Premium Grandstand with views of turns three, four and five, which is pretty cool, it’s another bit of motivation for me to do well and I will of course give the fans a wave.

Daniel is trusting on his talent to give the crowd more than a wave to cheer. He want a true reason why to do so on Sunday, with a good result.

“I feel prepared. A lot needs to fall into place of course, but personally I’m in a good place to get it done if I’ve got the equipment.”

We know Red Bull Racing has good equipment, but we are not sure how it stands against the rest of the pack. We’ll only get a better picture on free practice and qualifying prior to the race. If you want to know the times for all of that, check on here.

“I kind of learned a few years ago that you want to win every race, but no one has ever done that, so you have got to expect to not always win. That’s certainly my aim, it’s my target to be world champion. I’ll do what I can to make it happen this year, but I’m not expecting it to happen.”

The Aussie star also stated that the RB13 is within half a second of the Mercedes beast, which is not that bad to be honest.

“Sunday 4pm, lights are going to go out and we’re going to race and hopefully we’re going to go well.’’

And we hope that too, plus mega-shoey at the end of the year, when he gets crowned 2017 World Champion. We are keeping our fingers crossed.

Are you attending to the Australian GP? Our gallery plans to include a fan area, for you to send in your images to display on it, which will be properly credited. If you are interested, send us an email at danielricciardodaily@hotmail.com

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