Australian GP Schedule

Get your TV/computer ready. F1 is back with one of the most uncomfortable races for Europeans, when you get to experience what the rest of the world does for the European leg of the calendar. we got it for you in multiple time zones to prevent confusion.

Thursday Press Conference
3:00pm local time (GMT+11)
4:00am GMT
10:00pm CST (GMT-6) (Wednesday)

Part 1 of the press conference will have Fernando Alonso from McLaren, Lewis Hamilton from Mercedes, Daniel Ricciardo for Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel for Ferrari. Second part of the press conference will have Valtteri Bottas for Mercedes, Esteban Ocon for Force India and both Williams drivers Felipe Massa and Lance Stroll.

Free Practice 1
12-1:30pm local time (GMT+11) (Friday)
1-2:30am GMT (Friday)
7-8:30pm CST (GMT-6) (Thursday)

Free Practice 2
4-5:30pm local time (GMT+11) (Friday)
5-6:30am GMT (Friday)
11-12:30pm CST (GMT-6) (Thursday to Friday)

Friday Press Conference
6:00pm local time (GMT+11)
7:00am GMT
1:00am CST (GMT-6)

Team press conference will have Maurizio Arrivabene for Ferrari, Eric Boullier for McLaren, Christian Horner for Red Bull, Paddy Lowe for Williams and Toto Wolff for Mercedes.

Free Practice 3
2-3:00pm local time (GMT+11) (Saturday)
3-4:00am GMT (Saturday)
9-10:00pm CST (GMT-6) (Friday)

5-6:00pm local time (GMT+11) (Saturday)
6-7:00am GMT (Saturday)
12-1:00am CST (GMT-6) (Saturday)

Post-qualifying press conference with Top 3 drivers is immediately after.

4-6:00pm local time (GMT+11) (Sunday)
5-7:00am GMT (Sunday)
11-1:00am CST (GMT-6) (Saturday to Sunday)

Post-race press conference with Top 3 drivers is immediately after.


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