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Ricciardo cautious but optimistic regarding Melbourne

The Aussie Red bull driver knows that the RB13 is not at it’s full potential, and while puts doubts on it’s performance, still hopes for the best.

There are multiple things that can make a Formula 1 driver proud. Depending on the level of a driver, it can go from getting a fastest lap to becoming world champion, and while all have been (or currently are) goals for Daniel Ricciardo, one is particularly special. He wants to go and get a race win on his home soil: The Australian Grand Prix.

Let’s remember that Daniel managed a podium finish on his first racing weekend with Red Bull Racing until he was stripped away from his 2nd place due to a fuel-flow irregularity on the RB9, and since then, the Red Bull has not managed a podium on Aussie land. But Daniel doesn’t lose his hope, not even when this year’s winter testing showed some lack of pace on the RB13.

“I’d love to be on the podium, that’s certainly my aim, but I’m not going to go there with too many hopes or dreams in my head. I will just go there prepared and do what I can.”

And do what he can and his best is what he always does, it all depends on how reliable and fast his car can be.

“Can we be the quickest? I think we can. Will it be by Melbourne? Probably not by Melbourne but let’s see.”

Let’s not forget that earlier on the year, on January, Red Bull boss said that the only doubt was on how much could Renault upgrade their engine, even daring to say that they could be on top and be able to win races by mid-season. We reported that here, in case you wanna read more.

Daniel insists that it’s all about understanding the car better, the team and himself, but he puts his trust on the beast and so do we. Daniel will be back on the racetrack in less than 2 weeks during the 2017 Australian Grand Prix, starting on 23 March with the race on Sunday 26 March, coming to TVs worldwide.

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