Week Snaps

Weekly Snaps: March 3-10

Another week, another set of snaps. We expanded one day extra to include the last day of Winter Testing but is going up in our usual day with an edit of what we got coming on late Friday or early Saturday. Buckle up, it’s getting 35-40km/h quicker on the corners.

Let’s first focus on outside news.

  • A quick, short interview about the specs and feels about the 2017 cars.
  • Jacquelin Magnay from The Australian had a small chat with Daniel during last week’s winter testing. Now interviews sometimes focus entirely on racing, and that’s ok, but we like when we get to hear about things a little bit more personal. Jackie asked Dan about Jules Bianchi and is such a way to remember him and the legacy he left in Daniel’s life. Read it here.
  • The Dan Diaries, Daniel’s first driver column for the year, is up on the Red Bull site. Counts as outside news because you got to read it all here.

Now, for what we did this week.


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