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2017 F1 Second Testing: Day Three

Daniel returned to the RB13 for his final day on the Barcelona track, all in preparations and ready for the Australian Grand Prix… or are they really ready?

The “hype-train” has been going for multiple teams. Ferrari looks highly promising, Mercedes got Valtteri and is adjusting well, Haas suddenly looks to be on top of most of the mid-field teams and Red Bull… well, we got the best men on the grid, that should be it… well, the words that Daniel shared today are not that promising.

It all started with a slow morning without much action and taking time to even get a timed-lap on the board. The afternoon was for a series of race sims (constantly stopped by red flags caused by other drivers) that gave away a bit more about a race pace. Comparatives made the Ferrari of Vettel look much better than Daniel’s Red Bull. Here are the final standings.


The post-testing interviews gave a little away regarding how Daniel is feeling towards the start of the season and, in our opinion, it could be much better.


“We came a fair way on day three for me and day four today we didn’t get that extra step forwards, the progress was good but today we got a little bit confused with some set-up things. Hopefully we have some answers tonight – we need one more day to really understand the car better.” – Daniel Ricciardo

“There’s still a bit to understand, but for me today was good – nearly 130 laps and no issues so that was positive.” – Daniel Ricciardo

“I wish we were sandbagging a bit more, on Day One of this week’s Test we looked more competitive. I would say that we’re two or three tenths off the pace. Today was a lot more. Today we were not quick.” – Daniel Ricciardo

“Our true pace is closer but we are not quite at their level at the moment, we can get there but we are not there yet.” – Daniel Ricciardo

“We did almost 130 laps with no issues, so that was positive. For me, today was pretty good. The race sim was OK, it was good for me to get the laps in, to put myself through it physically. You do feel it, it is definitely more physical, but I think I pulled up well and I’m pretty happy about that. In terms of our performance, I would say on day one of this week’s test we looked competitive, within a couple of tenths, but today it was maybe a little more. I do think our true pace is closer though. We have a bit to learn still, but I think Melbourne will be another story and I think we’ll see a bit more on both the power and aero side. I think we’ll be competitive.” – Daniel Ricciardo

“Today everything worked as it should and we were able to run as we wanted. Beyond that there’s not much to say really: short runs in the morning, a race simulation in the afternoon, albeit slightly interrupted, the car behaved as we expected and we got through the full programme. All in all, it was a good day’s work by the whole team. For tomorrow, our last day here in Barcelona, Max will take over driving duties and we’ll try to mirror what we did with Daniel on day one of this week’s test – so that will be some short runs, more test items to get through and hopefully at some point we’ll see what performance we can achieve.” – Guillaume Rocquelin


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