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2017 F1 Second Testing: Day Two

The torch is passed for the day to Max Verstappen. What seemed like an ok day faces a new wall, which we hope won’t affect our Aussie tomorrow.

Updated: 08/02/2017 | 7:00pm

It was a hard day for many teams, with outings on corners and a few red flags. Worst cases were the already pitiful McLaren and a literal wall for the Ferrari of Kimi Raikkonen. For Red Bull Racing, morning seemed promising, but lunch was cancelled for the poor mechanics when data showed issues on the engine, promoting a new powerbox for the RB13 at the pits. After that got “fixed”, Max returned to the track on the afternoon for almost an entire race sim, until new issues faced MadMax and had to park the car again, this time on Turn 13. Notice the pattern here?

Full details regarding the last issue that halted the bull for the rest of the testing day have not been discussed, but if we hear anything we’ll update this place. Meanwhile, take a look at the standings for the day and a few words from our usual people.


“It was not bad today. We had some stoppages obviously but then in the afternoon we almost completed a full race distance, so that was good, it felt good, and we got a lot of information today again, which is the most important thing. It was unfortunate that we had to stop at the end but I think we’re pretty confident we can solve those issues without any trouble. The long run this afternoon felt good…. quite long! It’s pretty boring when you’re out there on your own, but everything felt well.” – Max Verstappen

“In the morning we again looked at shorter runs and a number of test items, plus some pit stop practice so that the boys can get their eye in before the season starts. But then before lunch we noticed something in the data, and given that we wanted to concentrate on long runs in the afternoon and didn’t want to take any risks, we decided to change the engine. We lost some time but it was the right thing to do as we had a good afternoon and Max was able to work through the rest of the programme. We then encountered another problem right at the end of the day, which we’re looking into. Not an ideal outing, as we would have liked to tick a few more items off the list, but Max got through more than 100 laps today, so we can’t be too dissatisfied. We’ll run a similar programme with Daniel tomorrow but hopefully without any issues.” – Guillaume Rocquelin


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