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2017 F1 Second Testing: Day One

A new week, a new testing set of days. The bull was out of it’s cage and did wonders on the first day of the second testing week for the 2017 Formula 1 season.

Updated: Mar 7 | 6:45pm

Red Bull showed his cards a few days prior of today and let us know that Daniel Ricciardo was taking the driving duties for Tuesday and Thursday of the testing, allowing Max 2 other days on Wednesday and Friday. We’ll keep you updated on that as we usually do.

The track was cold-ish, with the temperature on ambient at 8.9C (on track at 18.3C), which of course does not let us know much about endurance for the Asian part of the season, but is good info that Red Bull Racing is pulling in. In fact, most of the time today was spent into that, gathering more info to find the peak of that car’s potential.

The first couple of hours came with a good pace right away, Daniel upping his timing, even beating the best times that Red Bull did on the first week of testing. In the last hour before the lunch break, Felipe Massa got a better time but then Daniel came out on the ultra-softs and… went off the track. Our favorite Aussie managed to make the best of it and returned to the track by himself, before doing what would be his best lap of the day – 1m19.900s -, which was not fastest than the William’s man, but the first sub 1m19s of RBR and fastest than Ferrari’s and Mercedes’.

With 89 laps around the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya done, Daniel called it a day on 2nd place, .174 behind Massa.


We are gathering images for our gallery as well as we will keep updating this as interviews are being done.

“We will keep them in their seats for now. We will see. At the moment there is no big secret or anything. We are not holding 2 seconds in our pocket, but we definitely feel that we can still get more out of the car. But I think probably everyone can. Hopefully not Williams, hopefully that was their best today. Ferrari and Mercedes can probably still get more out of theirs. So once that all happens we will see. It is looking alright. It is now my third day in the car, and I would say day 1 to day 2, and then day 2 to day 3 I am getting happier with the car.” – Daniel Ricciardo

“They [Ferrari] certainly look quick. I am sure Mercedes will still be very quick. But [Ferrari] are looking good. Even though Williams did not run much last week, the day they did get a good run in, I actually thought they looked quite good as well. So today they showed that. It is going to be interesting, Melbourne will be a nice little story.” – Daniel Ricciardo

“I felt we performed well on the softs this morning and we did quite a few good runs on that. We were also able to start doing some performance runs today. We tried the softer compounds and while my best time was on the ultrasoft it was actually not much quicker than the soft. I think we learned something from that. Generally I’m happy with what we got out of this morning and in terms of where we were last week I feel like the car is starting to come alive more. This afternoon we focused more on longer runs. We only got a few in, but it was enough to know how the tyres work after a few laps. We definitely feel we can still get more out of the car – I think everyone can – but it’s looking alright. It’s now my third day in the car and from day one to day two and now day three, I’m more and more happy with it.” – Daniel Ricciardo

“I’d call that a very productive day’s work. In fact, it was pretty much working through the kind of programme we’d normally run on a Friday of a race weekend – so, shorter runs in the morning to focus on working with tyre compounds and then longer runs in the afternoon. Without the benefit of a shakedown before putting the car on track last week we were slightly at the mercy of whatever niggles presented themselves, and a couple did, but over the weekend we put some permanent fixes in place and that enabled us to have a really solid day today. Daniel went wide a couple of times – I think he was enjoying himself – so we had a few bits and pieces that needed repairing before the afternoon runs but they were purely cosmetic, so not a major issue. In terms of the times, they’re still not of great importance, but I’d say we may have slightly underperformed on the softer compounds, so there’s more to come I think.” – Guillaume Rocquelin


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