Week Snaps

Weekly Snaps: February 24-March 2

On this week’s snaps: A new season, a new car, a new testing and a lot of improvement. Daniel makes it to a million and gives a few interviews now on video.

Let’s first focus on the quick snaps that didn’t made highlights (for us) this week.

  • Daniel reached to a million or twillion. 1 million human beings (or robots or very inteligent animals) are interested in knowing what is Daniel Ricciardo doing so much that they/we are following him on Twitter. Let’s hope that one of the first of many achievements he is set to obtain this year!!
  • Daniel sat down with the people of the Red Bull Content Pool and gave an interview for the pre-season of the 2017. Questions goes from what has he missed, goals, and more.
  • Another interview out this week was that with Trevor Long from EFTM.com.au; a 15 minute long chat to start the 2017.
  • Before all of this started, Mobil 1 had a talk with Daniel from that day he went crazy with the RB7. They show that off in this video uploaded March 2.
  • The end it, Daniel was part of Ted’s Notebook new adventures, now with a necks measurement challenge. The driver with the thickest neck wins.

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