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2017 F1 Testing: Day Two Recap

Daniel took the day off the racetrack to witness Verstappen take their new ride for a few spins. That doesn’t mean big improvements for the new RB13 are not happening, or important things to keep on mind, so let’s recap into all of that.

Last update: 19:40 GMT | March 2

Away from the problems that Daniel had to face in Day 1, Max Verstappen had an easier deal. Here is the classification table for day 2.


Compared with Daniel’s time the previous day, Max  did his fastest lap 0.726 seconds faster, which doesn’t seem to be much improvement but considering he did 39 more laps where the car underwent aerodynamic tests, it’s all good. We expect Daniel to go even faster for tomorrow, but times should see a clear difference on the second week of the testing.

Doing lunch break, Daniel took hostage the Red Bull Racing Facebook page for a 8 minute video showing around the facilities and talking about his diet, how Day One went, the early start of Day Two, his opinion of the new cars and more.

Some quotes from today by Verstappen, Ricciardo and Newey can be found below.

“For us it’s not about showing how quick we can be at the moment, we had a very positive day with not too many issues and we’ve done quite a lot of laps so we can be happy. It’s the first test week and the second day, so it’s much more important to get some mileage in and to check if all the parts are okay. We’ll focus on lap time later on.” – Max Verstappen

“Mercedes can, as they have the past few seasons in Winter Testing, come out strong and reliable, which I think we all expected, the rules are different, but they’re not so different that Mercedes were going to drop from first to fifth. We expected them to be quick – we’re still not sure how quick we are or how quick Ferrari are.” – Daniel Ricciardo

“Undoubtedly, it’s still an engine formula, we’re still in a position where one per cent power is worth one tenth of a second, and one per cent aero is also around a tenth of a second. So if you’re getting five per cent more out of the engine, you need to find five per cent from aero for the same lap time.” – Adrian Newey


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