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2017 F1 Testing: Day One Recap

What a day. What started with a nightmare ended with a promising progress… but more work is required and more excitement is assured for the rest of the season. We got you a recap of what happen on today’s F1 Testing: Day One.

Last uploaded: 19:30 GMT| March 2

Red Bull is always saving up secrets for each stage. Day 1 is never their strongest. There are things we might not even see until we reach Australia. Something we are glad they didn’t save to the Aussies is the wall of issues they encountered today. #BreakSuperstition was turned more into #BreakEverythingApartAndCheckAgain at the start of the session when, with only 4 laps, Daniel’s car pretty much shut itself down on track. EDIT: It has been confirmed that the car was shut down on propose to prevent damages to the engine.

Red flags came out, the car returned to pits covered and Daniel looking like a long, tiring and strong day was about to kick in.

By the afternoon session, the sensor issues where fixed but then a new problem rised with other 4 laps covered, which forced Daniel to return to the garage while they fixed the new issues with the battery. Soon enough, the Red Bull beast was seen again on the track, doing much better than earlier.

The day ended with a higher note: Daniel finished 5th on the testing classification with a time of 1:22.926, being the third man with the least amount of laps around the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. Also,the highest straight speed was set by Daniel, topping on 330.20km/h, a couple more km/h than the Ferrari and the Mercedes. Here’s the classification table.


Of course, there’s still time and place for improvement. After all, we are still a full month away from the first race of the season, and a special for all of us, the Australian Grand Prix.

Gallery with images from this first day of action.

“I’d far rather have the problems here than at the first race, and the good news is they don’t appear to be major problems. Both other cars powered by the same power unit are running reasonably ok. One can only assume that Daniel has just been unlucky to have two issues on his car today.” – Christian Horner

“Today’s session was okay, I felt I got up to speed relatively quickly, we had a bit of a slow start this morning but the afternoon was better and the last two hours were more like a test. It’s nice to end the day on a bit of a positive. There’s still a lot more to come from the car and you have to remember that the track is cold and the tyres are probably not at their optimum temperature. However, the times Lewis was setting today were already quicker than the times in qualifying last year, so it’s going to be faster. It’s cool for now but I think we will get a lot quicker from where we are today. We’ll hope to make steady steps tomorrow when Max is in the car and then we can start to do some more trimming.” – Daniel Ricciardo

“I’m not worried, I think obviously it would have been nice to do more laps in particular, but the main issues were that it was for safety measures. So let’s say that we stopped running because of some sensor things, and they were giving us some warnings. I guess, especially from the engine side, we are playing it a bit safe and making sure that we don’t do damage on day one. That is the main thing. But I think for now, the last two hours we got some good running and hopefully that continues for the rest of the test. Hopefully Max tomorrow does 200 laps.” – Daniel Ricciardo

“Obviously we lost quite a bit of time today, which was frustrating. That was largely a function of the issues we had – a sensor problem this morning and then a problem with the energy store later on. Both are hard to access, so required some time to sort out. It meant we didn’t get real track time until around 4pm, but after that we ran without issue. The fixes we put in place cured the issues and we should be good to go again tomorrow. Daniel managed 50 laps in the end and what we saw during that period was encouraging. The inevitable question you get asked on day one is: ‘is it quick, is it a front-runner’, and I’m afraid the rather dull answer to that question is ‘we’ll have to wait and see’. It’s a cliché but we won’t know the real answer until Saturday in Melbourne. Until then we just have to keep our heads down, stick to the plan and the performance will come. That process continues tomorrow.” – Guillaume Rocquelin


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