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Daniel is back on it.

Yesterday we reported that Daniel Ricciardo and Red Bull Racing are officially on business for this season. Well, we got a little inside of what it means to be back on it after a short time in off-season.

Daniel had a short interview with the people at Red Bull during yesterday’s Team Photo Shoot, where he chatted about how he spent the off-season, what exactly  does he train for and why choosing Los Angeles for it, what he thinks the changes in regulations will impact on, how does testing work for the drivers and setting goals for 2017.

A few important glimpses are next, but be sure to check on the full interview HERE.

“I feel strong, I feel fit, and looking at all this stuff going on here just excites me, so I’m ready to get back into it.”

Daniel advises fans who are attending to any Grand Prix this season where to seat/stand, following his opinion on the new regulations.

“If you’re a fan, get yourself to a fast corner. Whatever track you’re at, find one of the quick corners to really see what we’re doing.”


“I’ve said it for a few years, the one thing I want to do, if it is a goal, is never leave the race on a Sunday, on a flight home, thinking “I should have done this or that”. I want to leave it all on the track on Sunday.”



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