Daniel Ricciardo Daily is out!

In the last several weeks, DRD has been an ongoing project without a particular launch date. We wanted it to be able to be out in time for the testing weeks, and we reached our due date with days of spare.

Daniel Ricciardo Daily has the target of being your #1 place to find everything regarding Daniel. Sure thing, you might want to follow everything regarding Formula 1 but things might get lost here and there. We will keep it all together for your Ricciardo needs.

This particular site will be slowing being updated with several items pre-Formula 1 or from Daniel’s earlier seasons, alongside with being updated day by day as news and media comes out. The rest of our social media spaces are meant to connect with you, know what would you like to see from us and Daniel + more. Stay in touch with us, we would love to here from you.

We are incredibly excited over our launch!
Now let’s celebrate with a great season, right?

– DRD Team


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