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Mark Webber has good words for RedBull and Ricciardo

When Mark Webber announced his retirement, the world expected that younger Aussie to take his place. It help us all to say goodbye to Mark. He went on to try WEC and is not fully retired from motorsports, but that doesn’t mean he stopped following Formula 1. The older Aussie had a few things to say regarding Daniel.

The former Red Bull Racing driver believes Daniel’s extra 3.5 years of experience over Max Verstappen will put him ahead his teammate this 2017 season. Let’s not forget Ricciardo did finished on third place of the championship, the best of the rest, twice on his 3 seasons with RBR.

“I think Daniel still has more composure. Obviously that experience will be very useful for him, particularly in the early part of the championship. When you’ve seen more regulations, like he has done, driven different types of cars, that’s an advantage for him. It’s going to be a good battle there. But the composure side is a big plus for Daniel. He’s got plenty of fire too, and it’s all about putting the weekends together. […] Max is still learning, with that unbelievable talent.” – Webber

Webber also got a bit into the Constructors’ Championship, putting all his trust on his old team.

“It really depends on who unlocks these new regulations. Traditionally, Adrian [Newey, Red Bull’s chief technical officer] has been very good at that. […] Operationally, Red Bull were the best team last year. With reliability they were the best team, Mercedes had a few technical challenges. So if it’s nip and tuck when down to the fine points – Red Bull are very good at that.”

Now if we put 1 + 1, Mark Webber is pretty much hoping, as much as we are, that Red Bull beats Mercedes and Daniel beats Max to see Ricciardo become 2017 Formula 1 Champion. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and wait to see how the teams and drivers are starting the Australian Grand Prix.



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