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Red Bull Racing not competitive for half 2017?

We don’t want to hear this but it’s the wording of a very big man and we are slightly scared.

Now, the words of Dietrich Mateschitz are not that negative either, but they end with something that we don’t want, and that is that, while Renault is getting their resources together to be stronger for this season, their target is still to “get closer” and the big man himself expects to fight for the top and win races UNTIL MID-SEASON.

“Renault brought new, competent and ambitious technicians to the F1 engine department, together with the help of Mario Illien they really made a lot of progress, mainly reliability-wise. I am sure that this season we will be strong enough to get closer to Mercedes and challenge the champions. Our chassis will certainly be top again. I expect that by mid-season we will be competitive enough to win races and fight for the top.” – Mateschitz

The Red Bull Racing boss puts his entire trust on their chassis and drivers, so the dices are rolled and we await for Renault to bring on something powerful enough to make this team what our Aussie deserves. Same believes Christian Horner, who says it all depends on how much progress Renault does with the power engine, hoping for a big step over the winter, then again he knows they can only expect so much without knowing where the rest of the teams are.

“But it is all hypothetical as you don’t know what everybody else has. All we can do is focus on the best job we can and worry about the others when we see them in Melbourne.” – Horner

So, we guess that means we should not trust what we see on this year’s winter testing?

For those who don’t know who Dietrich Mateschitz is, he’s one of the big boys IN THE WORLD. Co-founder of Red Bull, Wings for Life, Red Bull Brasil (the football club); owner of Red Bull Racing, Scuderia Toro Rosso, Red Bull Ring, New York Red Bulls, RB Leipzig, Red Bull Salzburg, Red Bull München; former owner of Team Red Bull, Seitenblicke.

Let’s hope he is not that good on knowing his teams than he is on owning his teams.

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