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Ricciardo’s words on Seb Vettel

A lot has been said about Sebastian Vettel. The lack of luck in the last 2 seasons with Ferrari, and recent comments from people within the team puts his stay on the legendary team in jeopardy. Daniel had a few words about it.

Daniel shared only one season with the 4-times world champion, but it was a season where Seb already showed a bit of lacking in the results area (mostly because of reliability issues). There was never a time when Daniel spoke poorly of Seb, not even during the whole podium discourse in the Mexican Grand Prix.

Now, Daniel puts the frustration of Vettel words as part of the side effects on his unbridled ambition for a 5th title. He even went on and said Sebastian is “pretty unique”.


“He is someone who lives and breathes it more than most. It seems like the majority of his life is the sport and being world champion. That is not a bad thing, but when things are not going as you want, those frustrating things can build up because that is what you are really looking at in life.”

Daniel added that Vettel’s time in Red Bull was “a dream”, one of the best team/driver runs in history, and that he believes Sebastian was hoping to see that happen and keep the dream going with Ferrari, something that has just not happen.

Ricciardo added that he believes Sebastian Vettel is highly talented, but that his own worst enemy is himself.

As fans of the sport, and fans of clean races, we sure hope Vettel’s weather gets better, not not better than Daniel’s, of course.




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