Nada for Mercedes, everything for Red Bull

We have heard many names attached to Nico Rosberg’ seat at Mercedes. Bottas, Sainz, Alonso, Wehrlein. Even our bulls, Ricciardo and Verstappen. Danny-boy says nay-nay to those.

I believe at this point we heard it by many, they either sent their CV to Mercedes, called Toto Wolff or got a call from the silver team. A seat is open for grabs, but not by Daniel’s hands.

A contract that ends in 2018 (and that we hope will be extended further more) kept Daniel on his team, and he trusts in them to give him a world championship we so want to see, so he leaves it clear.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if nearly everyone had been in contact with them [Mercedes]. And like I said from the start, whoever ends up getting that seat, I think they should appreciate it very much because it’s not every day someone gets that kind of opportunity. But I extended my contract with Red Bull having the confidence in them that I have. We’ll see how it plays out.” – Ricciardo

Here’s to that championship happening this year!



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